In our April newsletter, written during the height of the Lockdown here in South Africa, our focus was on assuring our clients that Bettesworth Scott was open for business. That is by the way, still very much the case and we would love to assist you with any planning related needs you have. The City’s planning office for example is now operating at almost 100% of its pre-Lockdown capacity, with advertising and decision making all occurring in a “business as usual” manner.

In this Newsletter, however I would like change tack a bit and pause to contemplate the “New Normal” that seems to be emerging as we move into 2021 and hopefully into a phase of post Covid socioeconomic re-building.

A lot has happened to our world since last year’s Introductory Newsletter!

At the time of writing, South Africa is in the process of transitioning from a 5 week almost total lockdown to Level 4 of 5 Levels of Government Restrictions imposed to limit the spread of the Covid-19 Pandemic. It seems likely that various restrictions on personal movement and economic activity will persist for several months to come.

Newsletter: September 2019

Welcome to our new website and our first newsletter!

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